26 July 2016

Introducing our new pencil skirt

Hi there! We are back with a new style...
Our new pencil skirt is simple and sleek look, which makes it very easy to wear casually with a t-shirt or a loose shirt or with a blouse, for a more formal look. It is timeless and perfect all year round. This pattern is easy to make and can be finished in only a few hours. Beginners welcomed!

11 July 2016

A simple guide to ironing fabrics

There is more than one way to iron fabrics... but the right way is easily chosen by following only two easy steps.  In this article, you will learn how to set the right iron temperature and any additional precautions you should take according to your fabric type and the fibres that its made of.

8 July 2016

How to sew a jeans fly

A jeans fly is a very popular type of closure used in trousers and skirts. It consist of a zipper concealed under the opening. It is attached on one side under a tab and the other side is attached to a facing, usually in a "J" shape. This is why the jeans fly pretty much always features a bold "J" shaped topstitch. Today I will show you how to sew a real one, like the ones from commercial jeans! Let's do this...