Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Guide to zipper teeth sizes

#3, #4, #5 ... These terms, which you might have noticed when buying zippers, are simply used to indicate the gauge or size of  the zipper teeth. The system is very simple: the higher the number, the bigger the teeth are. The numbers also express the width of the teeth in millimetres. Choosing the right gauge is no big fuss either - the larger the teeth are, the studier is the zipper. Therefore, the zipper teeth must match with the fabric weight and thickness

#2-3: These are more delicate and can be used in formal dresses, skirts and pants.

#4-5: The most common size and it is used in denim, handbags and will look great exposed.

#8: These sturdy zippers are perfect with leather, jackets and coats.

#10: Used mostly for outdoor gears

If you are not sure about the gauge, check behind the puller, you will see the number carved into it! You can double check by also measuring the width of the teeth with a tape measure. 

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